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Everyone wants to improve their quality of life, however at times we get stuck in our limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. Yiannis Michael offers you the opportunity to experience the Mastermind Sessions at the Re-Paint Your Life Academy.

The well-known registered counseling psychologist, bioresonance therapy expert and inspirational speaker, through unique sessions that include workshops, provides the opportunity for everyone to learn how to manage their stress and worries, and to get rid of repressed emotions and limiting beliefs, in order to make their dreams come true.

The Re-Paint Your Life Academy is open to people seeking personal development and offers them the opportunity to experience a unique experience with others who share the same passion for self-improvement.

Free yourself from limiting beliefs that can cause you to miss out on the things that you want the most. At the Re-Paint Your Life Academy you can learn how to stay in control of your emotions, how to manage your stress and anxiety, how to get rid of repressed emotions, and learn the keys that will drive you towards the life you want to live.

Yiannis Michael and his team have created from November 2021 the renewed version of the Mastermind Sessions, with morning and afternoon sessions held in a specially designed space. Yiannis goal is not just inspiration but holistic transformation, to help you bridge the gap between where you are and what you want to achieve.

Do not give up on your dreams. Life is short to not have the opportunity to live what fills us with passion and strength. Challenging times does not mean there is no opportunity for growth or success. At the Re-Paint Your Life Academy you can learn how to master your emotions and use them, instead of letting them use you, something which is key to achieving your dreams in every aspect of your life.

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Mastermind Sessions

Overcoming your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from unlocking an extraordinary life, is one of the most powerful steps you can make to transform your life. The Mastermind Sessions by Yiannis Michael, that are now held at the Re-Paint Your Life Academy, will help you do the inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your habits and how you view yourself and the world.

Re-Paint Your Life Events

Re-Paint Your Life is an innovative movement created by Yiannis Michael and aimed to inspire people to discover their higher self. So far, two major events have taken place that immediately gained international interest, as they hosted two important personalities, Italian speaker, dancer and painter Simona Atzori and Pakistani activist, artist, singer and motivational speaker Muniba Mazari.


Achieve your goals with the Re-Paint Your Life Journal by Yiannis Michael, a powerful tool that will help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts. Start using the Journal today, which will help you improve self-awareness and gain confidence. The method of journaling will allow you to improve every area of your life by taking responsibility for your emotions, thoughts and actions. It can increase creativity and decision-making skills, and improve your relationships and your career.