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Yiannis Michael is a registered counseling psychologist specialized in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He helps people identify and understand problems based on the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behavior. Through this process it leads them to set personal goals and strategies in treatment, something that is constantly monitored and evaluated. This treatment can work both individually and with families or groups and can be used and help anyone, regardless of physical ability, cultural background, race, gender or sexual preference. The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy has been confirmed by many studies. It has thus been shown to be an effective type of psychotherapy, especially in the following: anxiety and panic attacks, depression, emotional overeating, anger control problems, relationship problems, substance or alcohol problems and post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Yiannis graduated with honors in Bachelor of Arts and Science in Psychology and also acquired a Masters in Arts and Science in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University, USA. During his Masters degree in Florida, he worked with Youth Developmental Programs in an effort to empower and inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Miami. In addition, he assisted young adults to confront their perceived challenges, become clear with their objectives, and learn how to structure their mindset to accomplish their life targets. As a successful professional in his field, Yiannis Michael continued his studies and got certified in Bioresonance Therapy. Yiannis Michael worked for eight years in the Social Welfare Office in Cyprus government from 2009 to 2016.

Yiannis Michael continued his studies and specialized in Bioresonance Therapy, due to his beliefs in natural healing. In 2017 he founded the Re-Paint Your Life Wellbeing Center and as a successful professional in his field, He maintains a unique style of treatment, as he incorporated in his private practice, Psychotherapy in combination with Bioresonance. Yiannis Michael is also an inspirational speaker, founder of the innovative Re-Paint Your Life. In October 2020 he published the Re-Paint Your Life Journal, a life changing tool. In November 2021 he introduced the the Re-Paint Your Life Academy for personal developemnt, and in November 2022 he published his first book.


Everyone wants to improve their quality of life, however at times we get stuck in our limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. Yiannis Michael offers you the opportunity to experience the Mastermind Sessions at the Re-Paint Your Life Academy. The Academy is open to people seeking personal development and offers them the opportunity to experience a unique experience with others who share the same passion for self-improvement.

Book Re-Paint Your Life

For Yiannis Michael it was a lifelong dream to write this book. A need to help people re-paint their lives with beautiful colors and shapes. It is addressed to those who are looking for a second chance, to people who are looking for the place and way of their joy and to those who are looking for a natural, painless and immediate solution to fear, depression, emotional overeating and panic attacks.


Achieve your goals with the Re-Paint Your Life Journal by Yiannis Michael, a powerful tool that will help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts. Start using the Journal today, which will help you improve self-awareness and gain confidence. The method of journaling will allow you to improve every area of your life by taking responsibility for your emotions, thoughts and actions. It can increase creativity and decision-making skills, and improve your relationships and your career.