Emotional Life

My philosophy is based on the Wellbeing Blueprint of 4 Interior Bodies.
In many ancient wisdom traditions and within energy medicine too, reference is made to the various bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the psychological body, and the spiritual body. Depending on the tradition and literature, we also come across, to a varying degree, descriptions of the energy body. Instead of ‘’bodies’’ we could also speak in terms of the world of emotions, world of thought and the world of the spirit. The physical body perceives the external world through the senses (sensory organs), the emotional body is home to our feelings and emotions, the mental body is where our thoughts and predetermined behavior patterns reside, while our spiritual body connects to our ‘’self’’ and our consciousness.

Bioresonance and many other regulating energetic methods work with the energy body, which holds the information system, the communication between the individual bodies through the other. Health means, therefore, harmony and balance on all these levels.
Our work with BICOM bioresonance acts on the energy body in the physical and emotional areas.


2nd Interior Body is our emotional body or our world of feelings.
Feelings are products of our perception, for example, hunger, thirst, heat, cold, contentment, security, etc. Emotions are products of what we feel and are conditioned by mental processes such as thoughts, expectations, opinions, attitudes, ideas, wishes, or intentions. Thus, emotions are not real, they differ from one individual to another but have nothing to do with our Self. As we have already said, illness can start here too and be expressed physically.

Many people become ‘’trapped’’ in their emotions as if stuck in a hamster wheel. They impact on daily life and suddenly you find you are no longer “captain of your own ship”. Emotions then start to dictate our everyday life, our behavior, and our health too.

The first step to health here is to recognize an emotion as just emotions, regarding them objectively and separating them from our self. Only then can we take control of the “ship” again.

Tactics: Release toxic emotions. When someone makes you feel jealous, don’t blame the person. Heal the jealously. To heal a wound you must feel the wound.

The power of Forgiveness: as difficult as it can sometimes be, is a powerful thing. Yes, it can help relieve the burden of carrying negative sentiments you may have towards someone who may have wronged you. But it can also elevate your performance at work in ways you may not expect. Forgiveness is a superpower.

Some of the world’s most profound neuroscientists and healers have found that our brains enter a state of natural healing, bliss, and synchronicity when it is attaining a particular pattern.

Deliberate Gratitude: focusing on the tiniest blessings in your life is a way to grow a world-class Emotional Body.