Physical Life

My philosophy is based on the Wellbeing Blueprint of 4 Interior Bodies.
In many ancient wisdom traditions and within energy medicine too, reference is made to the various bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the psychological body, and the spiritual body. Depending on the tradition and literature, we also come across, to a varying degree, descriptions of the energy body. Instead of ‘’bodies’’ we could also speak in terms of the world of emotions, world of thought and the world of the spirit. The physical body perceives the external world through the senses (sensory organs), the emotional body is home to our feelings and emotions, the mental body is where our thoughts and predetermined behavior patterns reside, while our spiritual body connects to our ‘’self’’ and our consciousness.

Bioresonance and many other regulating energetic methods work with the energy body, which holds the information system, the communication between the individual bodies through the other. Health means, therefore, harmony and balance on all these levels.
Our work with BICOM bioresonance acts on the energy body in the physical and emotional areas.


3rd Interior Body is our physical body. 90% of sickness absence cases and health-related disruptions result from the stress of illness triggered by stress. Bioresonance therapy helps us to resolve energetic blocks in the physical body. Basically this method helps us release energetic blocks, open eliminating organs and generally bring about an unburdening and harmonizing of the body.


The power of exercise: Physical activity is essential for the maintenance and improvement of health as it contributes to prolonging life and improving its quality.

The power of nutrition:  “Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food” Hippocrates.

Nutritional habits that can hack aging, increase brain function and allow you to produce better than ever before.

The power of rest: Trust your body more than your intellect. When it’s telling you that you’re tired, that means you’re tired. So please listen to your body and rest. We are called human beings versus “human doings” for a reason: we’re meant to take breaks from our creativity, productivity and contribution to our community. Exhausted people never become game-changers.

Detoxification: The significance of chemicals, poisons and toxins in food and our environment. Cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents.

Hygiene and how keeping your body, mind and environment is vital so you feel strong and clear.