Psychological Life


My philosophy is based on the Wellbeing Blueprint of 4 Interior Bodies.
In many ancient wisdom traditions and within energy medicine too, reference is made to the various bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the psychological body, and the spiritual body. Depending on the tradition and literature, we also come across, to a varying degree, descriptions of the energy body. Instead of ‘’bodies’’ we could also speak in terms of the world of emotions, world of thought and the world of the spirit. The physical body perceives the external world through the senses (sensory organs), the emotional body is home to our feelings and emotions, the mental body is where our thoughts and predetermined behavior patterns reside, while our spiritual body connects to our ‘’self’’ and our consciousness.

Bioresonance and many other regulating energetic methods work with the energy body, which holds the information system, the communication between the individual bodies through the other. Health means, therefore, harmony and balance on all these levels.
Our work with BICOM bioresonance acts on the energy body in the physical and emotional areas.

Psychological Life

1st Interior Body is our psychological body or our world of thought. During the first 7 years of our lives, we are in a type of “theta state”. That is to say, these brain waves measured here, are physiologically within the theta range from 4 to under 8 Hz, similar to the state of adults shortly before falling asleep. As children, we learn from observing and imitating our parents, siblings, relatives, and teachers. We take on preconceived opinions and thinking patterns, which become imprinted on our subconscious mind, and which we never let go of. They determine our later life. We accept them as given facts and so from thought patterns we develop belief systems that constrain and dominate our lives. Some people feel like they are in a prison, a prison they have created themselves. This way, illness can develop and manifest on all levels.

For 95% of our lives, we run on autopilot, i.e. our subconscious decides where to go. Our thoughts are practically never silent, but we need silence to heal. Only in silence, in the here and now, can consciousness dominate, and long-term healing becomes possible. Based on research, approximately 60,000 thoughts per day and most of them are usually the same. Imagine if they are negative…

Tactics: the importance of learning, how reading can affect your psychology, and why the people you surround yourself with are your major influencers.

You should audit your influences and environments so your inspiration and creativity can thrive. You should trust that the joy you feel throughout your days should be used to navigate the people, places, and pursuits you allow to remain in your life.

Your performances and why doing the things that make you uncomfortable or that feel difficult really is a way to grow and have heroic levels of self-confidence.

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