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Yiannis Michael is a registered Holistic Psychologist and Bioresonance Therapist specializing in fears, anxiety, emotional eating, panic attacks and burnout. He is also a transformational speaker, business coach and author of Re-Paint Your Life – The Place and Way of Joy (2022) and the Re-Paint Your Life Journal (2021). Also he is co-author of the bestseller book on Amazon, Global Conscious Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs Leading the World (2023).

Founder and CEO of Re-Paint Your Life Wellbeing Center, founded in 2017, with the goal of psychological, spiritual and physical transformation, helping people to apply methods and practices of self-exploration, self-discipline and creative self-reflection writing.

Yiannis Michael graduated with honors in Bachelor of Arts and Science in Psychology and also acquired a Masters in Arts and Science in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University, USA. During his Masters degree in Florida, he worked with Youth Developmental Programs in an effort to empower and inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Miami. As a counseling psychologist, he specializes in the treatment of cognitive behavior, while later he continued his studies, specializing in the German method of bioresonance therapy.

In an effort to create a universal platform bringing together individuals who strive for a life of eudemonia – true joy, love and self-flourishing – in 2019 gave shape to the Re-Paint Your Life movement, which gained great international interest with its actions and events, such as a co-creation meeting with guest activist and humanitarian Muniba Mazari (1.8 million views on Youtube).

In 2020, he created the Mastermind Sessions, which are taught at the Re-Paint Your Life Academy, which launched in 2021, with morning and afternoon seminars held in a specially designed space.

At the same time he launched Re-Paint Your Life Journal, using his knowledge and experience in psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. Given that writing is one of the most effective therapies available, the 90 Day Journal was designed with the ultimate goal of unlocking the door to your mind and heart, and making your dreams come true.

In November 2022, Yiannis Michael hosted on stage Dr. Shefali Tsabary for the third edition of the Re-Paint Your Life inspiration event. Dr. Shefali is a world-renowned speaker on conscious parenting, and author of three New York best-sellers books. The event was held inside a crowded hall and was a great success.

The same year in September, a major distinction for Yiannis Michael, who was nominated by the ATL Europe Board of Directors and approved by the members, and became the only therapist and speaker representing Cyprus in an association that maintains over 40 active members in over 15 different countries in Europe.

In July 2023, he co-authored the Amazon Bestseller, Global Conscious Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs Leading the World, published by Marie Diamond, in collaboration with 30 other leading healers from around the world, where they share knowledge and personal experiences , by which people can unlock their inner leadership potential.

This is a huge achievement for Yiannis Michael, who has been working with the very best in the world of personal development for quite some time now.