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Yiannis Michael is a certified counselling psychologist, bioresonance therapy expert, an inspiration speaker and a personal development mentor. He specializes in the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety, fears and emotional eating. With his unique method of psychotherapy in combination with bioresonance, he has managed to change the lives of dozens of people around Cyprus. He set as his personal goal to inspire as many people as possible to change their lives. His goal is not just inspiration but holistic transformation, to help people bridge the gap between where they are and what they want to achieve.

Yiannis Michael graduated with honors in Bachelor of Arts and Science in Psychology and also acquired a Masters in Arts and Science in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University, USA. During his Masters degree in Florida, he worked with Youth Developmental Programs in an effort to empower and inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Miami. As a counseling psychologist, he specializes in the treatment of cognitive behavior, while later he continued his studies, specializing in the German method of bioresonance therapy. He strongly believes in the power of energy, which he considers a key fundamental element of life and good health. He now maintains a unique style of psychotherapy in combination with bioresonance.

Yiannis Michael founded in 2017 the Re-Paint Your LiFe Wellbeing Center, in order to transform psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically the lives of people who ask for his help, in order to achieve their goals. In 2019, he created the Re-Paint Your Life movement, in an effort to bring together people who have a passion for personal growth and self-improvement, so that everyone can live the greatness for which they are destined for life. A simple idea with pure intentions that aimed to inspire people to repaint their lives and get to know their higher self, which immediately gained international interest.

In 2020 he created the Mastermind Sessions, which consists of groups of people looking for things that society considers impossible. People who seek personal growth as a way of life and choose to see the world through a different prism. In order to serve the different needs of the participants, Yiannis Michael and his team created a renewed version of the Mastermind Sessions, called the Re-Paint Your Life Academy, which started operating in November 2021, with morning and afternoon seminars held in a specially designed space.

In 2020 the Re-Paint Your Life Journal was published, using his knowledge and experience in psychotherapy and bioresonance therapy. It is a useful tool both for the participants of the seminars of the Academy, as well as for people who seek personal development and self-improvement. Given that writing is one of the most effective therapies available, the 90-day Journal was designed in this way by Yiannis Michael, with the ultimate goal of unlocking the door of your mind and heart, and making your dreams come true.