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Bioresonance therapy is a holistic biological process based on quantum physics. The process is very simple. The human body emits electromagnetic signals in the form of oscillations and the BICOM therapeutic device receives these signals from the body via electrodes.

With an internal filtration system, the device separates the healthy signals from the abnormal ones and then, electronically, amplifies the healthy bodies and reverses the abnormal ones (reflecting effect). The processed information is then returned to the patient's body through a magnetic mat, where the body reacts directly to the new electromagnetic information, the body's self-healing power is activated and strengthened and thus the healing process begins.

The method of bioresonance aims at the holistic approach. Every human being is possessed by his physical, spiritual and energy level. Before diseases occur at the physical level, there are pre-existing disorders in the spiritual / mental or energy part. The more of these factors are identified and eliminated the better and more permanent the result. These factors include the effect of negative electromagnetic radiation, the accumulation of energy in areas of external or internal scars of the body, the lack of detoxifying function of the body, intestinal fungal infections, the presence of microorganisms and toxins that have a debilitating effect on the system. intolerances, poor assimilation of vitamins and minerals, blockages in energy centers and channels.

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Yiannis Michael specializes in dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, fears and emotional overeating. The method of bioresonance is the healthiest and most immediate way to overcome them, as it is a method that is painless, safe and without side effects.

Abandoned Abusive Panic
Aggression Obsessive Imprisoned
Accused Arrogant Ashamed
Jealousy Bitter Alienated
Careless Cheated Competitive
Compulsive Confused Lack of Confidence
Coward Rejection Critical
Defensive Dependence Nervousness
Despair Devastated Disappointed
Disbelief Discouraged Doubt
Ego Egoistic Embarrassment
Envy Evil Excluded
Unloved Exploited Failure
Threatened Flippant Greed
Grief Quilt Hate
Heartbroken Helpless Hopeless
Hostile Humble Humiliated
Hurt Impatient Exertion
Injustice Inadequate Incapable
Indecisive Insecurity Intimidated
Uncertainty Looking for approval Spiteful
Low self – esteem Rejection Lack of motivation
Lost Self – doubt Blame
Panic Over concern Manipulated
Martyr Melancholic Regret
Rage Obligated Anger
Lonely Suppressed Paranoia
Pessimistic Possessive Prejudiced
Resentment Controlled Remorse
Introverted Loss Revengeful
Sadistic Stubborn Sarcastic
Self – destruction Mourn Self – pity
Shame Shyness Sorrow
Anxiety Vulnerable Submissive
Suffocated Betrayed Depressed
Terror Tormented Unappreciated
Lack of purpose Unimportant Useless
Unneeded Unsupported Unworthy
Uprooted Criticism Lack of trust
Withdrawn Sadness Wronged
Fear of being lonely Fear of change
Fear of choking Fear of clown
Fear of crocodile Fear of disappointment
Fear of getting ill while alone Fear of happiness
Fear of humiliation Fear of homosexuality
Being in the focus Being inadequate
Being incompetent Being obese / fat
Being rejected Fear of imperfection
Fear of judgement / criticism Fear of living
Fear of losing one’s identity Fear of losing one’s motivation
Fear of losing target / aim Fear of making mistakes
Fear of missing out Fear of natural disasters
Fear of reaching one’s goal Being undeserving
Being unsuccessful Being unsupported
Not being worthy Being useless
Fear of your own thoughts Fear of poverty
Fear of reaching one’s goal Fear of responsibility
Fear of snakes Fear of speaking up
Fear of suffering Fear of terrorism
Fear of the new Fear of the unknown
Being wrong Not being accepted
Not being approved Being powerless
Not being important Fear of thunder
Have to work hard for money There is never enough money
Procrastination Being misunderstood
Becoming the victim Being bad
Being betrayed Being idle
Being ignored Not being on time
Not being good enough Not meeting expectations
Attack against one’s integrity Being put down
Blood issues Conflict with family members
Conflict with opposite gender Defensiveness
Dexterity conflict Empty nest syndrome
Fear of death Fear of heading in wrong direction
Fear of losing one’s territory Feeling stranded
Feeling abandoned Feeling excluded
Feeling isolated Feeling left behind
Feeling powerless Forced to flee
Hospitalization shock Identity conflict
Inability to digest matters Inability to escape
Inability to provide for oneself Inability to swallow a conflict
Inability to take in / absorb matters Injury conflict
Insecurity Letting go of child
Letting go of spouse Life at stake
Livelihood at stake Life-threatening situation
Loss of home Loss of job
Loss of reputation Low self-esteem
Low self-worth Near-drowning conflict
Overwhelmed Physical attack
Procreation problems Profound loss
Resistance issues Resisting new / other people’s ideas
Sexual abuse Sexual frustration
Sexual rejection Starvation conflict
Suppressed emotions Threat from behind
Unexpressed anger Unexpressed desires
Unsupported Uselessness
Verbal attack Worthlessness
Wrong decision making Separation issues