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  • #1 Global Amazon Bestselling Co-author
  • Founder and CEO of Re-Paint Your Life Wellbeing Center
  • Member of ATL Europe
  • Holistic Psychologist and Bioresonance Master

Yiannis Michael is the perfect guest for your next event

  • Yiannis Michael is a registered Holistic Psychologist and Bioresonance Therapist specializing in fears, anxiety, emotional eating, panic attacks and burnout.
  • He is also a transformational speaker, business coach and author of Re-Paint Your Life – The Place and Way of Joy (2022) and the Re-Paint Your Life Journal (2021). Moreover, he is co-author of the bestseller book on Amazon, Global Conscious Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs Leading the World (2023).
  • Founder and CEO of Re-Paint Your Life Wellbeing Center, based in Nicosia, aiming for psychological, spiritual and physical transformation, helping people to implement methods and practices of self-exploration, self-discipline and creative self-reflection writing.
  • He was nominated by the ATL Europe Board of Directors and approved by the members, and became the only therapist and speaker representing Cyprus in an association that maintains over 40 active members in over 15 different countries in Europe.
  • He has been hosted at many events and seminars, while he himself has held big events in Cyprus with world-renowned speakers as guests, such as Simona Atzori, Muniba Mazari and Dr. Shefali.
  • His events have gained international attention, and it is worth noting that the video of the event with Muniba Mazari has 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Events by Yiannis Michael

Yiannis Michael hosted an event in 2022 with Dr. Shefali, world-renowned speaker and four-time New York Times best-selling author