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Yiannis Michael’s empowering 15-15-30 morning ritual is capable of changing everything (video)

Do you suffer from fears, anxiety, emotional eating or panic attacks? Change your morning ritual. We all need to develop good lifestyle habits and cultivate a right mindset, so establishing a morning ritual is recommended.

How important is a morning ritual? It can be hard to deal with the start of a stressful day, but this refreshing and positive way can be enough to completely change how you feel.

With an effective morning ritual, you can set the day in motion with a much better approach.

Yiannis Michael shares with you how he starts his day, taking an hour to shield the inner world. It’s the formula called 15-15-30.

15 minutes Meditation
Meditation is one of the most recommended morning rituals. It can help you master your emotions and mindset, reduce stress, stay focused and be more productive. We can all use these benefits throughout our day.

15 minutes Journaling
Benefits of journaling include reduced stress, improved memory, and better problem solving. It’s no wonder that many successful people start their day with a journal. The written word is very healing.

30 minutes of physical exercise
Physical exercise is the most important morning ritual. It reduces depression and anxiety and helps you live a longer, healthier life. Find an exercise you like and do it at least five days a week for the best results.

Do you want your life to change on all levels? Take the first hour of the day for yourself. This holy hour is capable of changing everything.

Watch the video of Yiannis Michael’s morning ritual below:

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