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Bioresonance is based on the principle of quantum physics, according to which matter is composed of both molecules and energy. It has been proven that the cells of our body also emit and receive electromagnetic signals. However, when the normal electromagnetic communication of the cells is disturbed, e.g. due to the "interference" of a pathogenic microorganism or a toxin, the result is the manifestation of diseases. The bioresonance device scans the electromagnetic vibrations of our body, processes them and sends them back to the body modified, helping the body get rid of pathogenic "parasites". The neutralization of a pathological signal is done by sending it in an inverted phase. It is a holistic natural method, non-invasive, non-aggravating, painless, harmless and without side effects.

Bioresonance Therapy has been used in Germany, country of invention, since 1977 and today is used worldwide by doctors and health practitioners. It is a gentle, non-invasive therapy using computer-generated frequency oscillations and is designed to be relaxing and therapeutic. In our Wellbeing Center, we can test for the cause of strains in the body and provide treatment using biofeedback. These toxins, when present in large amounts, can cause our immune systems to react in an over sensitive way to the allergens. Treating these toxins with bioresonance takes the immediate strain off our immune systems and allows our bodies to take over the job of fighting germs in the body and allowing us to restore our balance of health.

Bioresonance Diagnosis is very accurate, and it is short, painless and safe. All organs and every part of the human body are examined, as well as their function or deficiency at the cellular level. At the same time, it examines other factors that burden the human body. With the method of bioresonance we find the cause that creates the disease, and we are given the opportunity to cure the disease and not the symptoms. Weight loss is an added benefit of Bioresonance Therapy as reducing the toxic load in the body naturally speeds weight loss and increased energy. An Anti-Smoking program is also available and is based on the allergy inversion method of bioresonance treatment as mentioned above. We use acupressure points in the body to help detoxification and stop cravings.

Main Applications
* Acute and chronic allergic diseases such as rashes, atopic dermatitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
* Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the stomach, small and large intestine.
* Spastic colitis, irritable bowel syndrome
* Detection and treatment of food intolerances
* All forms of pain (musculoskeletal, neurological, menstrual, etc.)
* Rheumatism and arthritis
* Infections, inflammations, fight against bacteria (eg Helicobacter, coliform, staph, etc.), viruses (eg warts, shingles, etc.), fungi (eg candida) parasites.
* Weakening of the immune system (eg frequent colds)
* Hormonal disorders
* Sleep Disorders
* Addictions (nicotine, alcohol, etc)
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Unblocking energy centers


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