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Dr Shefali testimonial: «Re-Paint Your Life, it’s never too late»

Re-Paint Your Life is an innovative movement of self-awareness and self-realization created by Yiannis Michael which aims to inspire people to discover their higher self, on how to repaint you life without fear even though life is full of challenges. Guest for the third edition was Dr Shefali, world-renowned speaker, author and clinical psychologist.

Dr. Shefali, who specializes on conscious parenting, spoke about the power of first healing our own wounds before learning to be conscious parents. She also talked about how to connect with our children, how to be better partners and how to raise really strong, well-rounded, intelligent, emotionally aware children.

In her testimonial she said:

“I’m Dr Shefali, I’m a clinical psychologist and author of books on conscious parenting and mindful living. I have been so blessed and lucky to come to this amazing conference in Cyprus called Re-Paint Your Life by Yiannis Michael. And the reason I said yes to this, is because I understood Yiannis’ mission with this conference. And the mission is to bring people intto a more aware and conscious state in their lives, and I am always down for such a mission.

It was so amazing to talk to the audience at Re-Paint Your Life where I spoke about how we can better connect with our children by connecting to ourselves. The audience was a room of wisdom seekers and truth seekers, who came to make themselves better. This is the purpose of Re-Paint Your Life, and I truly believe it is evenings such as this, where light-hearted people gather together, that we all evolve further than we did before we came here.

Every human being in Cyprus should come to this conference to invigorate, to inspire and to evolve oneself. Repaint your life, it’s never too late, the time to do so is always in the now.”

Watch he testimonial below: