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Panic Attacks Have A Solution!

My therapeutic experience so far has shown me that 90% of all problems come from repressed emotions in the body, which accumulate negatively charged energy, which in turn causes various forms of illness. A panic attack is a result of trapped emotions.

The panic attack always comes suddenly like a bolt of lightning, causing a very strong feeling of fear, which paralyzes reason and the terrified person is unable to think and control his behavior.

It is a sudden period of intense anxiety, psychological agitation, fear, upset stomach and malaise, associated with a variety of physical and mental symptoms (panic, feeling of going crazy, feeling of loss of control and impending death, tremors, increased sweating, chest pain, tachycardia, shortness of breath, feeling of suffocation, feeling of suffocation, nausea, etc.).

The solution is the bioresonance method, which is based on the scientifically proven principle of quantum physics that the cells of our body emit and receive electromagnetic signals. The method of bioresonance is painless, without side effects. The patient sits comfortably in an armchair and the therapist places special magnetic pads connected to the bioresonance device in various parts of his body.

How it works to beat panic attacks

The first treatment began as always with general detoxification of the liver, kidneys, lymph nodes, and then stimulation of the nervous system. Due to a problem with the jaw, which came from clenching the teeth during sleep due to intense subconscious stress, we focused on unblocking the flow of energy in the head and temporomandibular joint, where there was a strong energy disturbance.

Second stage of the treatment, the balancing of the third, fourth and fifth energy centers. The disturbance in the third center had been caused by fear and insecurity, in the fourth by the feeling of sadness and shortness of breath, and in the fifth by the inability to externalize his feelings. “Yes, the truth is that I never express my true feelings, so as not to upset others,” patient admitted.

In this case of panic attacks I had to deal with I applied a marriage of methods in the last phase of the treatment. As the Bioresonance device reversed the frequency of subconscious stress to diminish it, we simultaneously reprogrammed the subconscious through Visualization therapy.

Don’t miss the shocking testimonies of Chloe, Helen and Giorgos, who suffered from panic attacks and found the solution with the bioresonance method.


Panic Attack Solution: Six coping techniques from Yiannis Michael in short videos

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