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The 2nd Re-Paint Your Life with Muniba Mazari exceeded one million views

A meeting that particularly touched the audience.

A staunch proponent of the power of energy, Yiannis Michael urges us to choose the life we ​​want to live without fear, with the ultimate goal of transforming our greatest fears into a driving force toward a successful path.

The 2nd inspirational event of the well-known healer and speaker took place on February 2020, at the Municipal Theater of Nicosia, in which the audience had the opportunity to be inspired, identify, see and listen to important true life stories, taking all the essential supplies they need to achieve the life thet want to have.

On stage, along with Yiannis Michael, was the leading motivational speaker, humanitarian artist and activist, known as the “Iron Lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari. A woman in her 30s, who after a life full of trials and an accident that caused paralysis in her lower limbs, was reborn from her ashes, and today she is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers alive.

This important meeting of the two and everything that was said on stage was posted on Muniba Mazari’s personal channel on YouTube, exceeding 1,000,000 views.

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