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An event that particularly touched the audience. The 2nd inspirational event of the Re-Paint Your Life took place on February 2020, at the Municipal Theater of Nicosia, in which the audience had the opportunity to be inspired, identify, see and listen to important true life stories, taking all the essential supplies they need to achieve the life that want to have.

On stage, along with Yiannis Michael, was the leading motivational speaker, humanitarian artist and activist, known as the “Iron Lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari. A woman in her 30s, who after a life full of trials and an accident that caused paralysis in her lower limbs, was reborn from her ashes, and today she is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers alive.

This important meeting of the two and everything that was said on stage was posted on Muniba Mazari’s personal channel on YouTube, exceeding 1,000,000 views.

Muniba Mazari

Activist, anchor artist, model, singer and motivational speaker

"I'm so lucky to be part of this. There are so many memories that I will cherish in my heart forever.".


Everyone wants to improve their quality of life, however at times we get stuck in our limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. Yiannis Michael offers you the opportunity to experience the Mastermind Sessions at the Re-Paint Your Life Academy. The Academy is open to people seeking personal development and offers them the opportunity to experience a unique experience with others who share the same passion for self-improvement.

Book Re-Paint Your Life

For Yiannis Michael it was a lifelong dream to write this book. A need to help people re-paint their lives with beautiful colors and shapes. It is addressed to those who are looking for a second chance, to people who are looking for the place and way of their joy and to those who are looking for a natural, painless and immediate solution to fear, depression, emotional overeating and panic attacks.


Achieve your goals with the Re-Paint Your Life Journal by Yiannis Michael, a powerful tool that will help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts. Start using the Journal today, which will help you improve self-awareness and gain confidence. The method of journaling will allow you to improve every area of your life by taking responsibility for your emotions, thoughts and actions. It can increase creativity and decision-making skills, and improve your relationships and your career.