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The inspirational event Re-Paint Your Life by Yiannis Michael took place with great success on November 2022 at the Municipal Theater of Strovolos. The third edition of the inspirational event hosted the world-renowned speaker Dr. Shefali, who specializes in conscious parenting. Inside a packed room, Yiannis Michael spoke about the power of visualization which is the key to making one's fantasy scenarios come true, as the subconscious mind does not know that what you are visualizing is just imagination. The well-known healer and inspirational speaker tuned the entire audience to the frequency of gratitude with the exercise of guided gratitude visualization.

The most touching moment was the dedication of the event to his friend Giotis who believed in the vision of Re-Paint Your Life but lost his life so unfairly a year earlier. At the same time, he mentioned the completion of a personal dream which was the publication of a book entitled Re-Paint Your Life after four whole years. It is addressed to those who are looking for a second chance, to people who are looking for the place and way of their joy and to those who are looking for a natural, painless and immediate solution to fear, depression, emotional overeating and panic attacks.

Afterwards, Dr. Shefali came on stage and spoke about the power of healing our own wounds first, before learning to be conscious parents. The world-renowned speaker, author and clinical psychologist, who specializes in conscious parenting, also covered how to connect with our children, how to be better partners and how to raise truly strong, well-rounded, intelligent, emotionally aware children.

Dr. Shefali

Clinical Psychologist and three time NYT best selling Author

"I understood Yiannis mission to bring people into a more aware and consciοus state in their life. Re-Paint Your Life, it's never too late".